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RNS helps disabled learners graduate

Radio Network Solutions (RNS) believes that socio-economic development is key to empowering South Africa and that involvement at all levels to support development is an important responsibility of any company. Our passion is people. We believe in encouraging individuals to meet their full potential, to live with dignity and to reach for their dreams. RNS has therefore elected to support organisations with the same values and goals.

RNS learner initiative

The RNS Learnership Programme

As Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is considered an integral part of the business, RNS takes its responsibility as a good corporate citizen very seriously. It therefore continuously invests resources in a variety of programmes, one of which is the RNS Educational Trust.

At the heart of the Educational Trust is the RNS Learnership programme that aims to shape the future of disadvantaged and talented individuals by investing in and supporting their educational costs, training and work placement. The Trust’s mission and focus is to empower black South Africans, especially women under the age of 35. Consequently, the programme supports RNS’ mission to empower individuals and to provide the younger generation with the means necessary to grow and gain financial stability.

RNS learner initiative RNS learner initiative

RNS firmly believes that by giving learners the means to obtain a qualification, it also increases their prospect of employment and creating a better future for them, their families and their communities. In the long-term RNS trusts that this will create a domino effect that will inevitably contribute to the success of the Nation and overall wellbeing of its citizens.

Funding this Learnership programme is only one of many social investments that Radio Network Solutions hopes to undertake in its concerted effort to contribute to its society.

RNS learner initiative RNS learner initiative

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