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RNS provides a wide range of antennas covering all radio network applications for:

  • Indoor
    Distributed Antenna System (DAS), SISO and MIMO options have adjustable gain configurations, covering 250 MHz to 6.0 GHz.
  • Outdoor
    Slim Line, Ultra Line, Twin Line, Trisector and Cyl Line.
  • Low Visual Impact
    Street pole antennas, camouflage and RF transparent screens.
  • Special
    Bi-sector (Hotspots), Tri-sector (street and stadium) and Vega, very high gain directional antennas for rural and roadside coverage.
  • RF Lens
    Multi-beam antennas utilise RF Lens Technology to provide the highest performance, highest capacity, multi-beam antennas ideal for improving network performance and enhancing the end-users mobile experience.
    • Special events (concerts, festivals)
    • High density urban environments
    • High data events
    • Stadiums/arenas
    • High sites
DSC 0034 DSC 0052
Antennas 1 Antennas 2 Antennas 3
2 TwinLine Antenna with MDDU RET 2 5 Trisector Antenna 16 CylLine Single Sector Antenna 1TRIO Extension Trisector Antenna 2
1 SlimLine Antenna 4 High Band Antenna MDCU

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